ServiceNow CMDB 101 — Part 1

Topics Covered

  • CMDB Overview — The stressors of a Siloed Organization
  • Business Impact — Connecting Business to Common Data
  • Business Value — Business Value from Common Data

CMDB Overview

Running IT as a siloed organization introduces stress! Multiple entities that impact the overall stress.​ Multiple sources of data, organizations do not know which data can be trusted.​

Business Impact with ServiceNow®

20% efficiency gain for tier 1 service desk employees ​

  • Service desk employees gain additional insight into the business operation and support staff.
  • This is achieved by an accurate representation of hardware/software licensees, along with planned maintenance schedules.
  • The decrease in audit and compliance violations was a result of having a single source of truth for IT operations data.
  • Request leverage existing data with the CMDB that is then used to automate processes.
  • Including up to a 6% increase​
  • Automation, complete data, single source of truth, and defined processes allowed users to find the data they are looking for and get their tasks completed quicker.

A Siloed Org Causes Inefficiencies and ​Poor Outcomes

As an organization that operates with separate workstreams in their silos, this caused inefficiencies and poor outcomes.​

  • Lack of common data, each silo has their own set of data that is rarely aggregated.​
  • ​Poor collaboration between workstreams, changes in one workstream are rarely communicated.​
  • Tailored business processes, each silo operates using their own processes.​
  • Lack of end to end KPIs, no way to measure success.​
  • KPI = Key Performance Indicators​
  • Increased cost​​
  • Slow responsiveness​
  • Finger pointing​
  • And Subpar user experience​

Connecting Business with a Common Set of Data

People, Process, and Technology

Business Value

Now that we know more about how common data can help our organization. Let’s go over how having common data drive IT and business value.​

  • ​Improved business and IT partnership​
    - Business owners know the impact of changes to their services and can affectively communicate.​
  • Improved service and agility​
    - Faster resolutions and response times​
  • Increased IT accountability​
    - Know who to turn to when something goes wrong​
  • Cost efficiency and end-to-end transparency​
    - Understand the entire cost of the services​
  • Faster and better IT decisions​
  • Better business outcome and better ROI​
  • Simpler business process​
  • End-to-end service visibility​
  • Improved customer experience

CMDB = Visibility


  • Operation Efficiency
  • Decrease MTTR
  • Reduce number of incidents
  • Audit and Compliance


Common data is the foundation of the ServiceNow® CMDB and is what drives an organization to make better decisions. Having a rock solid foundation is important for building rest of the CMDB.



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